Who am I?

I am Charlene, I am 27 years old and I am mother of a little explorer of 3 years, Elise, and her acolyte Paul, 7 months.

It was after the birth of my daughter that I came to the idea of becoming an entrepreneurial mom.
Passionate about the world of early childhood and very excited to create my e-shop, I embarked on this great adventure.

Seeing Elise evolve, I realized that she had mainly a universe made of plastic and elements from the big distribution.

Anxious to bring him the best, I turned to creations made with healthy and durable materials with the least possible allergenic and carcinogenic substances. This way of life there I also took it for the rest of the family. Consume less but better.

It was not until my second child was born that I took the plunge and opened my online store. I work with creators and artisans respectful of humans, animals and our planet.

I carefully select the creations I propose and hope you enjoy them.

Why Les P’tits Explorateurs?

Through my e-shop I hope that you and your child will enjoy exploring and discovering these creations.
Exploring myself all possible ways to find talented creators and craftsmen, it seemed obvious to me to choose this name for my site.

My commitment to the environment

I try at my level to contribute to the preservation of the planet. The creations I select are as natural as possible. In order to minimize the impact on the environment, I use 100% recyclable cardboard and I have chosen to protect the products I send with kraft paper or tissue paper that are biodegradable.

After introducing you to my world, I wish you a very nice ride on lesptitsexplorateurs.com and hope you find something to please you.

Good visit.


Les P’tits Explorateurs